Growing Purple Shamrock Success!

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Amidst Florida’s unpredictable weather swings, I proudly announce the flourishing of my purple shamrocks (also known as Oxalis Triangularis more info here: from rhizomes! Battling the whims of hot, cold, and rainy days, I relocated my purple shamrock outdoors to escape the clutches of my mischievous puppy, who mistakes all my plants for chew toys. It seems my indoor abode couldn’t meet their sunlight cravings. Nevertheless, this victory marks a triumphant one!

picture of 11 purple shamrocks

To grow purple shamrock from rhizomes, begin by selecting healthy rhizomes with viable roots. Plant them in well-draining soil with partial shade and keep them consistently moist. Maintain a temperature around 65-75°F (18-24°C) and provide indirect sunlight. Over time, the rhizomes will sprout new shoots, and the plant will develop its distinctive purple leaves. Regular watering and occasional fertilization will help encourage healthy growth. With proper care, your purple shamrock will thrive, adding a vibrant touch to your garden or indoor space.

The thrill of witnessing my purple shamrocks grow slowly from the dirt is nothing short of enchanting! Each day brings a new revelation as their delicate foliage unfurls and their rich, vibrant hue intensifies. I anticipate the moment when they flower! This journey from rhizomes to resplendent blooms is a testament to patience and perseverance, filling my heart with joy and my garden with unparalleled beauty.

As always, Happy Planting! Questions? You can always contact me!