My Top 2 Plants for Propagation

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Get ready for the ultimate plant parent adventure – propagation! Imagine growing more plants from your existing ones, all for free – it’s practically plant magic! Trust me, the thrill of watching roots sprout is as exciting as deciding to pot them up. As a proud plant mom, being part of this creation process is immensely satisfying. It’s an easy, low-maintenance joy, and hey, plants are surprisingly hardy when sitting pretty in water!

Wandering Jew

Let’s talk about one of my propagation favorites – the Wandering Jew, also known as Tradescantia zebrina. This speedy grower is a trailing delight, effortlessly filling pots with green goodness. Pieces drop off like nature’s little gifts, and you can choose to stick them in dirt or let them take a leisurely swim in water. The sheen, the vibrant purple and green hues – I can’t help but adore them! They’re sun seekers but prefer it indirect; too much, and they get a sunburn – talk about high-maintenance fashionistas! Keep the soil well-drained, and voila, your Wandering Jew will be thriving. Whether you’re team water or team soil, these beauties root like pros. So, the choice is yours – embark on your propagation journey, and let the plant adventures begin!

propagation of wandering jew and golden pothos in bottles


Onward to the Pothos – the plant that just keeps on giving! Known by many names like Epipremnum aureum, devil’s ivy, golden pothos, or hunter’s rove (and the list goes on if you’re feeling curious), this green gem is my propagation obsession. Currently, I’ve got a water party going with five or six cuttings, and I can’t seem to hit the brakes.

Pothos, in all its varieties, is the maverick of propagation. Snip a node, stick it in water, and watch the magic unfold! With its trailing nature, I find myself playing plant barber whenever they start reaching for the stars.

These babies thrive in indirect light, making them the rockstars of any office – they even endure the harsh glow of fluorescent lights like champs. Talk about low-maintenance cool! And guess what? Pothos likes to keep things moist, so they’re cool with sitting in water – no diva moments here.

But let me spill the tea – it’s not just Pothos that’s up for the propagation game. There’s a whole green universe out there, and some plants are so chill, you can propagate them from a single leaf. So, if you’re ready for a propagation fiesta, dive into the leafy wonderland and let the green magic unfold! Until next time, happy propagating! Questions? You can always contact me!