Starting 2024 Garden

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My enthusiasm for gardening has gotten ahold of me and I planted a bit early! My Grandfather always said to wait until after the first full moon to plant, but when the garden calls, how can I resist?

Ah, the anticipation of butterflies flitting about, birds chirping their cheerful tunes, and those glorious sprouts peeking through the soil—it’s like nature’s own symphony in my backyard! I aim to make a butterfly haven with some various vegetables and one that has returned yearly for me is my lettuce!

Tomato starters and a dragon fruit cactus—now there’s an intriguing mix! I can already imagine the burst of color and flavor that will grace my garden as these beauties grow and thrive. It’s like a botanical adventure waiting to unfold right before your eyes!

garden planted with trellis

I hope that you join me for updates on the growth of my garden. There’s something truly magical about witnessing the miracle of life sprouting, growing, and flourishing under your care. Here’s to a season filled with green thumbs, bountiful harvests, and endless joy in the garden!

With spring’s arrival, seize the opportunity to cultivate a garden. Assess your space, choose suitable plants, prep the soil with compost, and sow seeds or transplant seedlings. Water regularly and watch your garden flourish, providing beauty and sustenance while nurturing local wildlife. Join the green movement—one garden at a time! Happy planting!

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